State-of-the-art collection platform and industry leading data analytics.

We have emerged as a performance leader by investing in innovative technologies. Our ongoing investment allows us to optimize our recovery performance for our Clients.

Further, ConServe's technology platform ensures 'best in class' data security and integrity while simultaneously integrating our proprietary Compliance Management System (CMS), designed with the consumers best interest in mind.


ConServe is an innovator in the adoption of data science to achieve strict compliance, increased operational efficiencies, improved recovery results and optimized Client satisfaction.

Speech Interaction Analytics

ConServe has invested in Speech Interaction Analytics to enhance debt counselor performance, monitor compliance with current regulations and perfect customer service.  ConServe's Speech Interaction Analytics capture and analyze interactions between our debt counselors and consumers and can automatically process thousands of hours of audio recordings in a short period of time. ConServe has been able to strengthen its compliance monitoring program as a result of this ongoing and continuous feedback, ultimately leading to better performance and heightened overall Client satisfaction.

Collection Management Platform

ConServe leverages technology to optimize results through business process, compliance automation and enablement of analytics. ConServe's Collection Management System (CCMS) monitors high-volume outbound communications to achieve a deeper understanding of consumer interactions in order to initiate past due alerts, self-cure payment plans and built-in compliance alerts.

ConServe's Business Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics – Conveys analysis and explanations of both past and current performance
  • Predictive Analytics – Predicts the next step, based on current performance trends and forecasts
  • Prescriptive Analytics -  Statistically analyzes disparate data to suggest potential scenarios that could benefit the organization and shows the implications of each option

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What ConServe Clients Say

" Together with ConServe we implemented some new tools and my default rate is already so much better than this time last year. "

Lorna Smith, Director of Student Accounts, Lubbock Christian University

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